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www.Solepaycard.com/Activate – A sole pay card is a category of visa cards. This card is given by Bankcorp bank. It’s the parent group of the organization is Comdata. This card is an overseeing common business card and it is also a payroll-providing card.

This card gives accessible wages for workers. You may also transfer your check into currency. No bank account is required for this card. Only one step is to get a card and initiate it.

www.Solepaycard.com/Activate – Get Bonus

Fintwist Sole

This card is issued by Bankcorp bank and the CEO of this sole pay card is Rick Holt.

This card was first launched in July 2019 on Bankcorp bank. It is launched by making an organization with a Comdata master card. This card gives the best payroll to the consumers. This may also give easy paychecks. The CEO maintains the company so well and secure.

This card doesn’t require any account. 

The only drawback is your card doesn’t open when your card gets closed. 

If you already have a card with you then you may easily get used to it by initiating your card. If you do not have then do the application for getting this card and move further. Before that take a glance at the rules and restrictions that are to be used followed for this process which is subjected below.

Rules and restrictions:

      All the rules should be strict to follow that is illustrated behind here

  • You must have electronic internet gadgets like PC, smartphones, etc with a decent net connection 
  • A person 18 years and older are strictly allowed to make a part with this card 
  • Your driving license is also needed
  • For card initiation, sole play card is mandatory to enter the card credentials 
  • Have to know the details of the card and your private data
  • A user id and password is to be remembered as compulsory
  • United States citizens only able to make a part in this process 
  • Having a fluency with English dialect

    These are some of the rules and the restrictions to makeover this process

After this, you have to apply for the card if you are not having it

Application technique:

     There are various techniques to apply for your card. That is mentioned below 

  • By visiting website
  • By visiting nearly branch

Fintwist Sole

Visiting website:

  • In this procedure, you have to go to the authorized link on the website given by them.
  • www.solepaycard.com 
  •  Then enter into the application form by clicking an apply option on the menu
  • Then fill the application by furnishing it with your private data and financial data
  • If you have an account then choose it and fill in the account details
  • If not then skip it and move further
  • After finishing by filling in all these details then browse and read once and submit it. You will receive your card quickly

Visiting nearby branch:

  • There is an alternative method available for this if not able to applying online 
  • In this protocol, you need to visit the nearest branch available and then ask the representative about the card details
  • Then they will be informed to instruct you to fill your application form clearly
  • Furnish your application form with necessary details and id proofs Of www.Solepaycard.com/Activate
  • Then by completing this handover this form to the respective representative 
  • Then they will be informed you about the card arrival date 

        Then after getting your card, you need to follow the illustrations to get initiate your card. That is illustrated below

Activation methods:

        There are different methods available to get initiate your card. These methods are very ordinary to follow. The methods are

  • Via Online 
  • Via phone call
  • Via app

Via online:

  • In this strategy have to go to the homepage and open it
  • Then enter into the activation page by clicking the necessary option
  • Then enter your private data and card details to verify your card
  • Then enter the card credentials which is mentioned in the card
  • Then fill the enrollment box which is to be used for online banking
  •  Then verify the code sent to your registered id 
  • And enter the code on the following page with a preferred time and verify it
  • After that, it gets initiated and you may make use of it

Via phone call:

  • In this strategy, you have to make a call to the respected number given by the authorized company
  • Dial- 1-800-457-5809
  • Then they will be instructed you about the terms of use and privacy policy
  • You have to agree on it
  • Then they inquire about some information like your personal data and card details
  • Then you have to produce your id proofs and generate your user id and passkey
  • Then it will be activated and make use of it

Fintwist Sole

Via app:

  • In this, you have to go to the app store and install it 
  • Then run and open the all and enter into it by entering the necessary information like private and card credentials
  • Then set your one time PIN and user id and passkey
  • Then fill in all needs and submit it
  • Then after this, it will be activated and you may ready to manage your accounts

 Log in to the portal:

            If you want to make payments and find a transfer you have to log in to the portal given by using your id and PIN. If you forget it then don’t think about it. You may reset it by providing details 

            You may also use ATM to withdraw your checks and amounts. For the first time use on ATM, you have to enter your id details and verify by entering a PIN

Contact details:

       There is a customer service working for us for a whole day a whole week to complete to our fullness

         Dial- 1-800-457-5809

Email Address:


Pros and cons:


  • Mainly looking to give more loans
  • Having a high payroll
  • It is one of the massive organization in the   US


  • If you can’t reopen your card when you get lost it
  • These are annual fee and interest payments 

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Conclusion: Of www.Solepaycard.com/Activate

               This is the best value card for the customer who needs benefits like payroll, paycheck, rewards, etc. I desire that you learn how to work with this card and the procedures available by reading this article.

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