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www.jetbluemastercard.com/activate – With the changing times and age, no one wishes to carry cash with them in order to buy anything, be it gas, groceries, or airline tickets. You will thus want a good and trustworthy credit card for the same. There are many banks that offer this in the form of Mastercard but not every Mastercard comes with perks like bonuses, credits, and points.

The JetBlue Mastercard is co-branded with Barclays and JetBlue Airlines. This is a travel card that will help you in earning rewards or points with the airlines. The JetBlue airline flies throughout South and North America locations. As soon as your signup for this card, you will get 10,000 bonus points. You can then redeem these points to travel 10,000 miles with JetBlue airlines. However, you will have to spend $1000 within 90 days of getting your JetBlue Mastercard activating.


Apart from the signup bonus, there are many more bonuses. With the JetBlue Mastercard, you can get 3 times points on your JetBlue transaction, 2 times points on restaurants or groceries, and some more points on everyday purchases.

You will get to accumulate these points faster than other cards and that’s why JetBlue Mastercard stands above all. The most attractive feature of this card is the fact that your points don’t get expired. You can redeem them whenever you want to.

JetBlue Mastercard has partnered with other airlines as well like South African Airlines, Emirates, Cape Air, etc. You can use this card on these airlines as well. Another notable feature of this card is the fact that you don’t have to pay an annual fee whatsoever. In fact, you will get 50% off if you wish to buy anything from the airlines.

Once you receive your JetBlue Mastercard, the next most logical step for you to do is to activate your card. The activation process is pretty simple and all you need to do is follow the below-mentioned steps. You can activate your card using the offline or the online method.

Online Activation

Since JetBlue Mastercard has been co-branded by Barclay Card, therefore, your activation process will be carried through Barclays only. Follow the steps mentioned to activate your card.

1.Log in to the official website – https:/www.jetbluemastercard.com/activate/

2.You will see an option, “Activate my card now” on your screen. Click this option to proceed on to the activation process.

3.An activation window will be displayed on your screen and you will have to enter certain details. Enter your account number, security code, date of birth, occupation, and last 4 digits of your social security number. All this information is required for the verification process.

4.Once you complete the above-mentioned steps, click on “Continue” and your card will soon be activated.

Activation through the mobile application

Another simpler way to activate your JetBlue Mastercard is using Barclay’s mobile application. You can install this application for free from Play Store and App Store. Once you install the application on your phone, you can follow the below-mentioned steps to activate your JetBlue Mastercard.

1.Open Barclay’s app from your phone

2.You will have to enter the 16-digits number as mentioned on your JetBlue Mastercard.

3.Follow the instructions on your mobile screen and give all your details correctly.

4.Once you complete all the steps, your Mastercard will be activated shortly.

Activation via Phone

This is the simplest way in which you can activate your JetBlue Mastercard. You can activate your card using your phone in case you don’t have access to the online platform or are confused about the online process.

All you need to do is call on 1-877-408-8866 from your phone. Choose the language that you are comfortable with to start the activation process. The customer care representative will ask you to give in certain details for the verification process. You will have to give all the information that is asked during the online activation process also. Make sure that you keep all the documents handy in order to answer the questions accurately. Once the verification process is complete, your card will be activated in a small duration and you can make use of it.

All in all, the JetBlue Mastercard is a very beneficial card if you are looking for getting good perks on a daily basis. With its points have no expiry date, you can use this card for your everyday purchases, be it dining, grocery, shopping, or fuel filling. You will be able to use this card as soon as you activate it.

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The activation steps are so easy that you won’t have to spend a lot of time trying to figure out the process. All you have to do is follow the above-mentioned steps thoroughly. However, if you are facing any sort of problem with your JetBlue Mastercard activation process, you can call the customer care service and the representative on the other side of the call will be glad to help you in whichever way possible. In case you haven’t applied for your JetBlue Mastercard, make sure you do so immediately if you adore discounts and shop regularly. The application process is very hassle-free and you will receive your Mastercard very quickly once the documentation and form filling is completed.

Q1) How can I use my JetBlue Mastercard?

A1) You can make use of this card by getting points on your daily shopping, fuel filling, ticket booking, etc. With every purchase, you will earn points that you can redeem later.

Q2) When do the JetBlue Mastercard points expire?

A2) The answer is never. The points that you earn using the JetBlue Mastercard will stay on your card forever. They don’t get expired and this gives you the opportunity to use them whenever you want to.

Q3) Do we have to pay an annual fee for JetBlue Mastercard?

A3) No, unlike all other cards, you will not have to pay an annual fee for the JetBlue Mastercard. In fact, you will get many perks and discounts as soon as you activate your card.

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