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Vsangelcard.com – Victoria’s angels is shortly known as VS. Victoria’s  Secret AngelCard  is a part of Victoria’s Secret. On making a purchases through Victoria’s Secret you will reach a higher status level. The higher status level depicts in your rewards and benefits. that is also as small significant in your potential of earning.

For the normal  Victoria’s  AngelCard there is no points required. To acquire a Victoria’s Angel VIP card you must possess 500 points. To get Victoria’s Forever Card you must possess at least 1000 points. Pink Angel Card is also issued by the same company. While comparing the Victoria’s Angel Card to the PINK Card there is almost no difference.



Both the cards have major similarity in their Benefits and Rewards. The Victoria’s Angel and Victoria’s Angel VIP cardholders have a higher status level than other  cards. They receive more  rewards and cash back offers than others.

There is no annual fee for the Victoria’s users Only when the card is used at the Victoria’s and bath and body works shops. There is no points obtained at the bath and body works. To stop the interest from occurring you can make payment on correct time by using the victorious Angel card from month to month.

The Victoria’s have a very high annual percentage rate. The victorious cards are issued by the Comenity Bank. To avoid all the potential issues you must make your payments early on time. By using the card you can make your credit card account bills at on line by using the mobile app.

How to Activate Victoria’s Secret Angel Card?

To active your Victoria’s Secret Angel Card you need to follow the below instructions carefully,

  • Only after the registration you can get your new electronic Victoria’s Angel Secret card through online
  • There is only two ways to activate your Victoria’s Secret credit card.
  • You can activate your Victoria’s Secret Angel card by dialing the number given on the card
  • Or you can call the number 1 – 800 – 695 – 9478 to activate your Victoria’s Angel Secret card
  • On calling the number you may be asked to tell or enter your card details and your personal information
  • After giving all the details you will be verified
  • After your verification your Victoria’s Angel Secret card will be activated
  • You can Visit the website VictoriasSecret.com for the
  • By visiting the website you will be directed to the other link for the activation of your Victoria’s Angel Secret card
  • On that site you must enter your card number, PIN, user ID and password for logging in
  • After that you must enter your personal information carefully and accurately
  • On the completion you can submit it
  • After the verification is completed your card will be activated

Terms and Conditions:

  • The annual percentage rate is 24.99%
  • The annual percentage rate may vary with the interest rate
  • If the cardholder pays the entire money before the end of the month then there will be no interest
  • You must make your payment before the due date of 25 days on the closing of each billing cycle
  • The primary cardholder must be at least 18 years of age to get qualified
  • The balance amount of your account can be paid at anytime
  • If you request the company will provide you the copy of their agreement with you
  • To get the agreement of your card you must enter your first name, last name, address, city, state, postal code and the last four digits of your Social Security number
  • You can get your card agreement from the Victoria’s with no extra cost
  • If your payment is done late then you should pay the minimum interest charge which is not less than $2
  • Before applying for a credit card you must visit the website of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
  • For the late payment the penalty phase maybe page up to $40 and for the returned payment it is up to $25
  • There is also an alternative payment method fee over your phone which charges up to $15
  • You can transfer your whole account money at anytime to other account but you need to pay the minimum payment of $29
  • Cash advance is applicable to all of the accounts which you used to get the cash from the ATM or any financial institutions

Benefits of Using Victoria’s Secret Angel Card:

  • You will earn one point for the every $1 spent by using the card
  • By using the card every day you can also have a chance to earn 250 points
  • On payment done greater than $50 you will earn the reward of free shipping
  • For the new card holder in the upcoming first three months they can enjoy exclusive offers and benefits than other regular card holders
  • For their customers birthday parties the company gives exclusive offers and rewards
  • For any promotion check ups you can use the code VCSHIP50

About Victoria’s Secret Company: Vsangelcard.com

Victoria’s Secret is an American company. It was founded in the year 1977. The Victoria cards are issued by the Comenity Bank.  Roy Raymond is the founder of the company. The company was first founded in San Francisco. The headquarters of the Victoria is situated in Columbus, Ohio. The victorious was first hired in 1990. it is one of the largest seller of the lingerie and women’s clothing. In 1982 the company sold out its five lingerie. It is a first tier subsidiary type of company. It is based on the Apparel industry. Stuart Burgdoerfer is the interim chief officer of the company.

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  • Who is the owner of Victoria’s Secret ?

L brands is the Victoria’s secret’s owner. It is the parental organization. Les Wexner is the founder of L brands

  • What is the credit score needed to get Victoria’s Secret credit card ?

To get the Victoria’s Secret credit card your credit score must be higher than 640

  • Does Victoria’s Secret card build credit ?

To get the Victoria’s Secret card you must have had decent credit score  which is possible to get the card

  • What is the annual percentage rate of the Victoria’s Secret Angel card ?

The annual percentage rate is of the Victoria’s Secret Angel card24.99%

  • What are the benefits of using Victoria’s Secret Angel card ?

You will earn one point for the every $1 spent by using the card. By using the card every day you can also have a chance to earn 250 points.

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