Card ActivationGlobal Cash Card – Global Cash Card Activation – The global card is the best to helps the consumer economically. This card is allocated by the federal bank and meta bank. This is headquartered in Irvine, California, United States. The founder is Joseph Purcell.

It is mostly designed for people who need any economical benefits. This card is accepted on every ATM throughout the world. This card is moreover used for financial transactions and find transfers.

This is one of the best financial helpers cards in the United States. This card also gives a lot of dividends and prizes.

This card is also helpful in travels. It is an extremely reasonable payroll. This is the best depositing bank check. This is used for many of the users who opt for this card. There is also no fee charged for any service.

For this first, you must have a card in your hand. If you do not have then you have to apply for this. You may also get compensations points using this card. This card is used for most of the people who pay for wages and salary.

In this article, we have to see the details of global cash cards.

The first and foremost step is to apply for this card.

Before seeing this we have to look a glance at the rules of applying and activation for this card.


All the rules and restrictions are very mandatory to follow that are given below

  • Must be 18 years and older to attend this
  • For getting a card must be an inhabitant of the United States
  • Having your personal information with you
  • Having card details with you
  • Knowing a preferred language that is English or Spanish
  • Having internet devices like smartphones, laptops, tablets
  • Then have a look at terms and conditions and privacy given
  • User id, passkey, and the pin is required and remembered
  • An account at a federal bank of meta bank is required

Apply for a card:

For this application, you must have a credit score and it will be very modest to apply

Two more methods are available here for applying for a global cash card. That is an online application or by calling the support center.

Techniques for applying global credit card are,

  • Online application
  • Calling customer support center

Online application:

On this procedure, you must have account details within you

  • Visit the URL given by the authorized company
  • For this, you must cover with an adequate net connection
  • Then click apply option which is to be furnished on the home page
  • You have to give your account details and needed particulars on the next page
  • Then finish this by giving your particulars
  • Then apply for it
  • It takes 2 weeks to receive you

Calling customer support center:

  • On this type of technique, you have to make a call to the support services( Dial- 1-866-395-9200)
  • They by giving your application credentials to then get your card
  • This procedure is also very simple to do. You have to know your personal and account particulars at the time of application
  • It will take 2-week time to reach you
  • You may also visit the branch which is nearest to you and then fill the application and fulfill it

After this process of applications, you may get your card in 2 weeks after that you have to generate the card for more use

Activation process:

This procedure of activation takes less than a limited number of minutes to finalize. There are two methods available here for your perfect activation. These are also incredibly understandable to fulfill.  The method of this procedure is

  • Activating by online
  • Calling service number

These are the strategies to obtain your card into better use

Let us see in brief

Activating by online:

  • On this, you have to go to the main website of this card given by an authorized bank
  • Then click the activate option which is available on the main homepage of this authorized website
  • Then give in the needed particulars of your card
  • You have to type your card number, SSN, CCV, date of expiry of a card
  • Then enter your needed id particulars with your scanned driving license copy
  • After you have to verify by a verification message sent to your registered id
  • Ho through one and then submit it

Calling service number:

  • This procedure is straightforward to follow
  • You just make a call to the support service and then give your needed particulars to them
  • Dial- 1-866-395-9200
  • Then they will give you information about the terms of service then you have to agree with it
  • Then they need your computing information that they ask
  • Then give the card computing details
  • And then they make your card to generate
  • A confirmation message is sent to your registered id
  • Then it will get activated by them and you may make use of it

Sign in:

  • To make donations and payments one must have to sign in to the account to do this
  • Before that, you have to signup for the card account by creating a user id and password
  • You may also need to give your particulars during the signup
  • After that, you will be able to make payments by sign in with your user id and password which is already created during the signup
  • After sign in you will be able to see your card particulars on your profile
  • On that palace, you may able to make transactions and transfer funds. You may also elect to manage your account details there

Contact address:

Global cash card customer service will work 24 by 7 to satisfy your essential and queries

Dial- 1-866-395-9200

Mailing Address:

Global cash card7 3972,

Barranca Pkwy Ste J6 10 Irvine,

California 92606, USA

Email Address:

Pros and cons:


  • It is very modest for employees to use this card
  • Helps the people in an economic way especially for workers
  • Not many credit score is required


  • If you have lost your fund checks then it is very difficult to regain
  • There is an annual fee offered for this.


If you are an employer then you are looking for any financial bits of help then is card is best suits you to fulfill your needs. I strive that this writing will help you to learn more about global cash card and their activation.

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