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First Premier Credit Card Activation – Quick Activation

First Premier Credit Card Activation – This premier card is a card that is proposed by the first premier bank. This bank is one of the fastest and very authorized banks in the United States. This bank furnishes a card that is used to help people to help their financial needs. This bank also offers a loan for consumers.

First Premier Credit Card Activation

First Premier Credit Card Activation

This bank was in the United States and was founded by T. Denny Sanford. It was founded in 1986. The CEO of the first premier bank is Dana J. Dykhouse. Its headquarters are in South Dakota. This bank offers many types of cards like credit cards, debit cards, visa cards, etc.

All these cards are specially composed to help the financial needs of people. This bank is very secure and comfortable for those who choose this card. This bank gives a low APR fee to the customer. This card gives lots of uses like rewards, gifts, vouchers, etc.

It may also bring a new valuable platform to the consumers

If you need any economic help then you should choose this bank and get a card for better use.

If you do not have an account in this bank then create it and then enroll in it

If you already have an account then you should rapidly go for a card enrollment and initiation.

On behalf of these, we should pursue some rules for getting this card and working it.


The rules are very very crucial to work with this card. That is documented below.

  • You must have Internet gadgets with the required net connectivity
  • If a person should 18 years below are not authorized to take part in it.
  • Dwellers of the United States only eligible to take part in it
  • If you already have a card then you must have enrollment for further card initiation
  • Your card details are must require for card enrollment and initiation
  • Your private data and your financial status is also preferred for this
  • Having fluency in the English or Spanish language

After completing this, if you don’t have a card in your hand then apply for it

Application process:

There are few methods available to get this card. Those are listed below

  • Have to visit the website by using Internet gadgets and then open it
  • Then have to fill in the details for your card application
  • Then enter your financial status list on the following page and enter your account particulars
  • Subsequently, you have filled and submit it
  • There is also an alternate method available to do this
  • That is by going to the nearest available bank
  • Then fill the application form they give.
  • After filling this in with the help of representatives and hand over it you will receive your card soon

After getting a card in your hand you have to activate it for further usage.

There are several methods available for this activation procedure. On behalf of this, enrollment is required for online banking that is also instructed below.

Card initiation procedures:

There are several methods available that are,

  • Online process
  • Via mobile
  • ATM process

These all techniques are briefly illustrated below

Online process:

  • On this procedure first, go to the home web page of this bank
  • After getting in the foremost process is the enrollment process. This process is for online banking enrollment
  • For enrollment, your card credentials and private data are required for it
  • After enrollment, you have to initiate your card for further using
  • For this initiation procedure first, you have to enter your account information, card information, and private information and security code
  • Then fabricate your user id and passkey for your login process
  • Then on the following page read the terms of use given and accept them.
  • Subsequently, you may check your dashboard for account details and your card is activated.

Via mobile:

  • In this technique, you have to make a call to the support services which will work 24 by 7 to help the consumers
  • Dial- 1-800-987-5521
  • Then they will be taught you about their terms and conditions
  • You must have to agree with it
  • Then they will interrogate about personal data and card details
  • Then it will take a while to initiate your card
  • You will be informed soon about your card initiation after that your card is inclined to use

ATM process:

  • Visit the nearby ATM with you with the comfort of a map or alternative
  • Then swipe up your card with it
  • On the screen display of the ATM, there are many options available on that click for the activation option available
  • Then enter the needed details asked for this card initiation like card credentials and personal data
  • Then verify the message sent to you
  • Then it will get initiated and use further

Mobile app:

  • The mobile app is also available in the app store for account maintenance and for making payments, transaction, fund transfer, etc
  • On this, you have to install the needed app and run this
  • Then you have to enroll in online banking by giving your card and personal data
  • Then by signing in you will be able to make payments, transactions, etc

By going through online you will enter your password and user-id to sign in to enter into the account. If you are not able to remember your id or passkey then click forget option and reset it to make your account maintenance

For resetting your login portal you may give some proof about your card and private data.

Contact details:

For additional data, they will have a customer support center to solve your suspicious.

Dial- 1-800-987-5521

Mailing Address:

First premier bank,

Po Box 5529,

Sioux Falls, SD, 57117-5529

Pros and cons:


  • You may add lots of funds by using this card
  • There is not much credit score is required for this process


  • It gives interest payments for some deals
  • It has an annual fee and policy fee for this process
  • If your credit score is too low then your chance of getting this card is also low


If you have a centric financial condition then this card is best to suit you because by using this card you may get a lot of funds. I wish you liked this article and this will helps you to make think about this card and solve your suspects by reading it.

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