Capital One Routing Number – What You Need to Know

Capital One Routing Number – Capital One bank is one of the prominent financial institutions of the United States, which provides so many services like various types of card services, loans, retail & corporate banking and so on. 

The bank also offers wire transfer facilities across their numerous branches across the United States and worldwide. This mode of electronic payment is based on a routing number address system. It is a unique nine digits code which indicates a bank’s whole identity. This unique number coupled with the customer’s account number helps the bank to transfer the payment rightly to the particular account. 

Capital One Routing Number

Some banks use multiple routing numbers like Chase or even Bank of America etc., for each of their branches, while others like Capital One for example, use only a single routing number for their every regional branch. 

This system was designed in 1910 by the American Banking Association in order to simplify the paper check transfer amidst the American banks and foreign exchanges. Later, with growing time, this payment system was hugely modified and thus came the Wire Transfer Electronic payment system. It is popularly called by ABA number or bank transit number also in the country. 

Capital One routing numbers in the US are basically used for domestic payments made within the United States territories. While for international payment the bank uses a unique SWIFT Code to complete their customer’s foreign transfers.

Capital One Bank Routing Number Benefits

Capital One bank’s those nine-digit routing numbers come with many benefits. It helps the bank to identify them to accomplish the e-transactions. But one should have to provide the correct routing number in order to make payment successfully. Here are some of the benefits available using a Capital One bank routing number.

Have a look –

  • Capital One Routing Number is useful for the Domestic Wire Transfer payment.
  • This is handy to set-up an automatic bill payment method.
  • To set-up a direct deposit account.
  • Providing your Routing Number you’ll easily receive government benefits, tax refunds etc.
  • You can easily transfer money between banks.
  • Paying through a paper check using Capital One Routing Number is also available.
  • It is helpful for the ACH Payments.
  • Using a Capital One bank routing number/SWIFT Code you can easily send or receive abroad funds.
  • The Routing Number payment system is fast & reliable. 

How to Find Your Capital One Bank Routing Number?

Locating your Capital One bank routing number is very easy. You can easily find it out in multiple ways. We have here incorporated a complete guide regarding how to find your Capital One bank routing number for your assistance.

Let’s take a look –

  1. Capital One Bank issued Paper Check observation.
  2. Visiting the Capital One Bank’s Official Portal.
  3. Calling the Capital One Bank’s Customer Care Representative.
  4. You can also locate your Capital One Bank Routing Number by Downloading the Capital One mobile app from the virtual app store.
  5. Capital One bank’s Routing Number also can be collected by making a visit to the Federal Reserve Bank’s official directory.

Capital One Bank Routing Number Locate by Bank Check

Using a Capital One bank issued paper check you can easily locate your bank’s routing number. The process is mentioned down below.

  • Take your Capital One bank’s check book.
  • Open any blank page.
  • Look at the bottom of the check.
  • There you’ll find a series of numbers.
  • The first 9-digit is your Capital One bank Routing Number.
  • Copy it correctly to use during your next wire transaction.

Capital One Bank Routing Number by Visiting Their Official Website

You can also get your Capital One bank routing number by visiting the bank’s official portal at and sign in to it using your Capital One bank Username and Password. Once you successfully log in into your account, next click on the ‘my account’ section and select ‘View Details’ option to know the number.

Capital One Bank Routing Number through Customer Care Representative

Capital One bank Routing Number also can be acquired by calling their customer care service. To make that, just call this number at 888-810-4013 from your phone. Next, answer critical questions to verify your identity. After your reorganization, you’ll get the Capital One bank routing number instantly by the representative.

Capital One Bank Routing Number Getting Through the Bank App

It is most easy to get your routing number over the Capital One bank mobile app. Please go through the process.

  • First, download the Capital One bank mobile app on your Smartphone.
    • Or send a text ‘MOBILE’ to 80101 to get the app download link on your device.
  • Now sign in to your account using username and password.
  • Next select your account number and tab on the ‘Details’ icon to get your Capital One bank routing number.

Capital One Bank Routing Number by Fedwire

The Capital One bank routing number can also be located by visiting the Federal Reserve Bank (Fedwire) official website at, where you’ll find a routing number directory. You’ll get there your Capital One bank’s routing number very easily. 

Capital One Routing Numbers for Wire Transfer

You’ll be happy to know that Capital One bank does not use multiple routing numbers for each state. The number remains the same for every branch. We have prepared a list for your assistance. Please have a look –

Capital One Wire Routing Numbers
Capital One Bank 051405515
Capital One, N.A. 056073612

However, keep it in mind that you have to put the correct routing number during your transaction, unless the money will go to the non-refundable condition. 

Bottom Line

Routing number is one of the most important things of the bank transaction. But make sure to put the right number to transfer your money safe and sound. Any mistake will cause to lose your sum instantly.

We hope the above article suffices all your needs. By following it carefully, you can easily locate your routing number without a hassle. 

If you have any further queries, then tell us below in the comment section. We’ll definitely try to do our best to answer them as quickly as possible.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use a Capital One bank routing number for International transfers?

Ans: No, it is limited to domestic fund transfer across the United States.

  • What is the Capital One bank SWIFT Code?’

Ans: SWIFT Code for Capital One bank international fund transfer is HIBKUS44.

  • Requirements of making a Capital One bank Domestic Fund transfer?

Ans: You should require some basic things –

  • Beneficiary Name.
  • Beneficiary Bank’s Routing Number.
  • Beneficiary’s Account Number.
  • Is the Capital One bank Wire Transfer service available free of cost?

Ans: No, you have to pay some nominal charges to avail this bank service.

Capital One Wire Transfer Fees
Incoming(Domestic & International) $15.00
Outgoing(Domestic) $25.00
Outgoing(International) in Foreign Currency $40.00
Outgoing(International) in US Dollar $50.00

You can consult this chart to know the latest Capital One Bank transfer charges instantly.

Capital One Helpdesk

  • Phone: 800-655-2265
  • Website:

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