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Activating Zip Card: The Zip Card is issued by Zipcar which is an American based ride-sharing company and its headquarters is in Cambridge. If you are a Zipcar member, you will get access to automobile reservations invoicing you by hours, a day, or even minutes.

Activating Zip Card

Activating Zip Card

You can pay for the Zipcar membership in an annual or monthly fashion. However, if you want to make use of the benefits of Zipcar, you need to activate your Zip Card first. The activation procedure is extremely simple and you can start with the activation process if you follow the steps that have been listed below.

Online Activation

The Zip Card activation using the online method is the most easy one to follow and you can activate your card easily from the comfort of your home. In order to follow this procedure, all you need is a strong internet connection and a PC, laptop, or smartphone. All the steps for completing the Zip Card activation using online mode have been mentioned below.

1.The first thing you need to do to start the Zip Card activation process is to visit the official website.

2.You will see the “Activate your Zipcard” option at the bottom of your screen. Select this option.

3.The dashboard will appear and you need to click on “Card Activation” here.

4.Certain information will be asked about your Zip Card. Make sure to give all this information correctly since it is necessary for identification purposes.

5.You have the option to select all the services that you have to manage from your Zip Card.

6.Once you complete all the above-mentioned steps, you can select “Activate”.

7.Your Zip Card will be activated in a short duration and you will get a notification regarding the same.

Activating Zip Card

Activation via App

In case you are unable in activating your Zip Card using the online method or if you are unable to access the online platform, you can make use of the more traditional method of activating your card through the Zipcar mobile application. Follow the steps mentioned below.

1.You will have to install the Zipcar application on your smartphone and then open it.

2.Enter your login credentials like your password and username correctly.

3.You will see the “Drive” option at the top of your mobile screen. Select this option.

4.Click on “Play Around.”

5.You can then activate your Zip Card by selecting a horn-shaped symbol and then selecting the unlocking button.

6.You will soon get a notification to tell you that your Zip Card has been successfully activated.

Zip Card Usage

Once you are able to activate your Zip Card, you can start using it and reap the benefits associated with this card. You can use your Zip Card by following the set of instructions listed below.

1.You need to carry your Zip Card to all the reservations that you make. This is because it can be used for locking and unlocking purposes of all Zipcars.

2.If you want to unlock a car, you will have to get the card to the rider for a particular duration and get it opened.

3.If you wish to lock and unlock your car using the Zip Card, you will have to keep the car keys inside the car at all times.

Activating Zip Card

Zipcar Experience

There are some instructions that you should follow as you a Zip Cardmember and before entering the Zipcar. These instructions are mentioned below.

1.Check the vehicle properly for any sort of damage. If you feel that the vehicle is damaged, you are required to report the damage and its intensity immediately.

2.Keep the Zipcar clean at all times. Clean all the trash from the vehicle and remove your necessary belongings as well.

3.Avoid smoking when you are sitting inside the Zipcar. If you are unsuccessful in doing so, the company will charge you a penalty for cleaning.

4.As soon as you activate your Zip Card and get access to all its benefits, you will have to be extremely punctual. You just cannot keep the other user waiting. In case you are late, you will have to pay $50 as a penalty. However, you can also request to extend your time using the Zipcar application.

Therefore, using the Zip Card you can easily rent a car from the Zipcar company. Make sure to activate your card as soon as you receive it. Although the steps that have been mentioned above are enough to help you with the card activation process if you still face any problem, feel free to contact the customer care service.

Someone on the other side of the line will be eager to help in every way possible. However, there can be times when you are unable to reach any customer care representative. This is because the lines are busy due to a lot of queries. Do not end up panicking during such times and call again after a while. You will soon be connected to a representative.

Thus, if you rent cars from Zipcar frequently and don’t own a Zip Card, this is your clue to apply for one immediately. You will have to fill the application process and provide certain documents. Once you have been identified and the formalities are done, you will get your Zip Card which you can activate and make use of.

Q1) How to activate Zip Card?

A1) You can easily activate your Zip Card by making use of either the online platform or activating the card through the mobile application.

Q2) Where is the Zip Card used?

A2) You can use the Zip Card to rent Zipcars and manage your account through the Zipcar mobile application.

Q3) what to do if I lose my Zip Card?

A3)if you end up losing your Zip Card, contact the customer care service and make them aware of the problem. Get your card blocked immediately to protect yourself from any kind of fraud.

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